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trying to find web space

anthonyappleyard <>
In the course of trying to find more web space (some of the matter to go in it
is UFO-related), I looked at, got lost in a labyrinth of
web pages, finally found a "leave a message here" clickable, emailed Yahoo
through it, and was told as below. But I live in England and I have never had
a credit card. I don't want a new email address, merely the web space. I have
20 megabytes at , but this is nearly full,
and Demon told me that I can't have that amount increased even if I paid extra
for it. About 3 years ago they increased their allowance per user from 16
Mbytes to 20 Mbytes, but they told me that it will not be increased again.
To: <[hidden email]>
Subject: Re: Feedback - (none yet) - Website (KMM495000C0KM)
From: Yahoo! Customer Care <[hidden email]>

Hello Anthony, Thank you for contacting us. Sorry, we accept only credit card
payments made through Yahoo! Wallet. Yahoo! Wallet currently accepts Visa,
MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. ...
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Re: trying to find web space

Marc Martin-2

Seems like you have a few options.

1) get a credit card, and have lots of choices available
to you.

2) choose a free service that puts banner ads over the
top of each of your pages. For example:

3) choose a for-pay service which offers payments
by check or money order. For example:

And to keep this message on-topic, my solution to
the SimpleNet dilemma is (for now) to upgrade to
the super-deluxe account option. So in the
near future, the following address should
start working:

Also, the following e-mail address will
start appearing at the bottom of my

[hidden email]

So, you've been warned... :-)

Marc Martin, [hidden email]
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Re: trying to find web space

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