A&E Starting Work on Space:1999 DVDs

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A&E Starting Work on Space:1999 DVDs

Marc Martin-2
Hi All,

A little off-topic, but since A&E/New Video is planning on releasing
UFO on DVD at some point, it might be of interest to some of you to
hear an update on what they're doing with Space:1999. This message
is from the Space:1999 egroup "onlinealpha":


As promised at the con, I contacted NewVideo today for an update on
their Space 1999 DVD plans. This is what they have to say:

1. Production is starting in earnest within the next week or two.

2. NewVideo is committed to releasing both series 1 and 2 in full.
They will release the first half of Season 1 in January 2001. Followed by the
remainder of Season 1 in late spring. No word on when Season 2 would be
released but I would suspect summer 2001.

3. They are forsaking extras at this time pending further review.
Apart from the episodes themselves, expect them to have the original
lead-ins and "next week" promos.

FYI...My gut feeling on number 3 is that if the first half sells well,
they will consider adding some more extras to the second half of Season 1.

4. The Fanderson/Kindred documentary will be considered. I am
putting Tim and Glenn of Kindred Productions in touch with them.

Finally, I mentioned the large photo libraries that are out there that
fans would be willing to make available to NewVideo but they said that they
had quite a bit of stuff from Carlton and are not seeking any outside source
material at this time.

That's about it for now. If I find anything else out, I will let you
guys know.

Mike Prendergast